Some of our most frequently asked questions.


Can Creteseal Products be installed by Anyone?

Only under the supervision of one of our Authorized Distributors Technicians. Please contact our Authorized Distributors for more information. 


Does CS2000™ or Creteseal 2-Day System™ Require a vapor retarder under the concrete slab?

Yes. Our products comply with ASTM specifications and we require all projects to comply with ASTM specifications and procedures.


How long have Creteseal Products been around?

Creteseal products have been used in the moisture vapor emissions control industry for 30 years.


Where can I buy Creteseal CS2000™ and Creteseal 2-Day System™?

Creteseal products such as CS2000™ can be purchased from authorized distributors OBEX or Concrete Waterproofing Products.