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OBEX Co. is pleased to announce they have been designated as the exclusive distributor of Creteseal’s suite of products including the industry standard Creteseal CS2000 Spray Apply System as well as the Creteseal MAX System for retrofit installations. All of Creteseal’s products offer industry-leading performance and represent over 20 years of scientifically-backed innovation and concrete slab moisture vapor emission mitigation.  Creteseal was among the first in the market to offer multi-year warranted protection to customers against moisture-related flooring damage emitting from the concrete slab.
OBEX Co. is also marketing newly developed and formulated products, including Creteshield® and our OTA troweling aid, both of which are lab-tested to provide superior concrete finishing attributes by promoting faster development of the concrete cream, with the end result being less curling, pitting, and dusting in the concrete surface. The Creteshield® and OTA products significantly reduce troweling time and have been scientifically-demonstrated to add to the durability and useful life of finished concrete.  As the exclusive distributor for Creteseal branded products, OBEX Co. will deliver the successfully protected flooring systems our customers have come to expect using these existing as well as new and improved formulations. Our trained technicians will provide onsite support and assistance with application procedures for Creteseal and Creteshield® products. Products at OBEX Co. are backed by industry-leading scientific analysis from some of the most respected minds in the concrete industry.
About OBEX Co.
OBEX Co. is an Oregon-based company providing leading-edge concrete finishing solutions with the ambition of “Making Concrete Better.”  OBEX Co. partners with industry-leading scientists to develop and market moisture vapor emission control solutions as well as concrete troweling aids for both interior and exterior applications, all of which serve the end goal of “Making Concrete Better.”
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